Rockview Farm is situated in Mambwe District – Eastern Province – on the road from Chipata to South and North Luangwa National Parks.

The wilderness trail for the Luangwa Game Management area starts at the above-mentioned site dating as far back as 1940, having been one of the sites which served as a camp for cropping wild elephants for ivory trade during the Northern Rhodesia Government.
The other significance is that it was a sanctuary for people travelling on foot to Fort Jameson and South Luangwa Valley.
They slept in the caves, which are found in the big rocks, which have now become a sanctuary for big snakes like pythons.

It was a must for whosoever arrived at the site to sleep for fear of wild animals which were prevalent by then due to less influx of people.The site now provides scenery of natural rock areas with reptiles like the yellow-headed tree agama that is a rare species in Southern Africa.
Also present are the Savannah monitors and the rock dassie mammals.

The site is currently operating with traditional facilities and services and offers guests to pitch up their tents and wander in the 5 rocky outcrops with its unique reptiles, mammals and over 30 identified natural plant/fruit species which contain medicinal properties and can also be used for e.g. food, dye and varnish.Among the fruit trees found here are: cashew nut, mango, orange, lemon, Mexican apple, carica papaya, adansonia digitata, psidium guajava, hexalobus monopetalus etc.
You can also find out how cotton and tobacco is growing.

While you have pitched up your tent and have a guided walk around the area, my wife will prepare your (self brought) food.
It is our goal to make the site a well sought stop by (Ukapita Ulale - “Go and Sleep”) of the South Luangwa National Park and Game Management Area by providing quality natural service and facilities necessary for nature desiring tourists at a lower competitive costs.
To suit the African status quo, traditional foods and beverages are served upon request.

How to find us:

Between the two tarmac parts of the road from Chipata to Mfuwe (South Luangwa NP) you will see a big rock with Rockview Farm written on it.

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